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Nearly 1 in 3 American families struggle to afford diapers.

If you are financially unable to afford cloth diapers (or any diapers), please contact us! We have starter kits for loan!

The starter kit will include all the information needed to cloth diaper and launder the diapers as well as free consultations as needed.

If you have diapers (either cloth or disposable) which you'd like to donate, please contact us and we will pick them up or direct you to a local drop off location and be sure they are dispersed to a family in need. 


As cloth diaper educators, Nichole and I can give you a inside look at the latest in modern cloth diapers. Explore samples, ask questions, and get to know cloth diapering from the inside out!  

Renee has been cloth diapering her daughter since she was 10 months, after battling lots of allergies and skin issues. She's been through it all with both disposables and cloth diapers- rashes, yeast infections, stink and odor, illness, traveling- you name it she's been there! 
(Ask her about that one fun time she had no diaper AND no clean outfit so she fashioned a diaper/romper out of her own shirt to get  through family dinner at a restaurant 45 minutes from her house!)

Nichole has been cloth diapering on and off for 2.5 years. She started cloth diapering her daughter for financial reasons, to support efforts in her single income family following a job loss. She has  cloth diapered through hard water, yeast infections, cross-state moves, single income financial situations, and recently used a mix of cloth trainers to potty learn in an apartment!!

We want to make sure your cloth diaper journey is as easy as possible. That journey for some starts at birth, some at 6 months, some is a mix of cloth and disposable. We're here to help you figure out what works best for your family and troubleshoot issues as they arise. 

We run the Diapers for Delmarva, a program offering cloth diapers, cloth pads and disposables (when available), as well as offer Diaper Laundry Services and Repair Services.

We are available for: Consultations, Group or 1:1 Cloth Diaper 101 Classes, Baby Showers, Cloth Diaper Parties and more!

Currently offering regularly scheduled Cloth Diaper 101 Classes at The Birth Center in Wilmington, and online! 

All classes include continuous support from our Cloth Diaper Circle on Facebook!

Contact us to ask questions!

Love, Light and Laundry,

Renee and Nichole