Dahlia Mama Cloth Review

By Olivia Washinski, BSN, RN, CBIS

I had the pleasure of being picked by Diapers for Delmarva to review the new line of mama cloth Dahlia by Buttons Diapers. 

When I was expecting my first child I was introduced to cloth diapering. Not only are they adorable but they saved our family money, they are soft and gentle on sensitive skin and they are much nicer to the environment. Did I mention save us money?!

Since the age of 13, I have experienced what I refer to as “ hemorrhagic” periods. I struggled for many years to find the right combination that could handle the first few days of my period without embarrassing leaks. Ultimately, it took being on birth control to really control it. Five years ago I stopped taking the pill in order start a family and with that came the return of embarrassing heavy periods again. I would have to use a super tampon along with a disposable pad if I was going out in public or overnight to avoid leaking.

After my first child I returned to using bulky, disposable pads but really wanted to avoid tampons after educating myself on how toxic they are to the body. The disposable pads weren’t any better but it took me 3 years to be brave and attempt a menstrual cup. While I found the cup was very helpful in handling my heavy flow,  I still was requiring a pantyliner. Then of course like many women after childbirth, I developed weak pelvic floor muscles and started wearing a pantyliner daily for fear of that unexpected sneeze or cough  

Fast forward four years, I am 8 months postpartum after having twins and not looking forward to the return of my period. I had been hearing more about Mama Cloth in some of my mom groups. I was intrigued but I swore no way would I be that “crunchy” lol. I mean come on, how would they even really work as well as disposable pads with wing (girl, I have to have the wings) and I highly doubted it would stay in place especially overnight. I tried using the same brand menstrual cup I had previously but obviously after birthing the twins let’s just say the “house” must be rearranged because it is painful in how it fits now. I got the opportunity to do this review and took it as a sign to give mama cloth a try. 


Now that everyone knows my menstrual history let’s get down to how the Dahlia reusable pads compare to disposable ones: 

First off, like cloth diapers, they are very pretty. I almost was afraid to use them because I didn’t want them to stain. I did have some other homemade mama cloth to use as a comparison during this trial. I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable they were and when I wash them there was no staining. The first month I used them I had no issue with leaking but I had received them on my third period day so I waited to do the review until after my next months cycle. In between the periods I used the small sized pads as pantyliners and really liked how this worked out. Definitely saves a ton of money and trash and they handled any small leaks well. I felt very clean using them. Something I learned from an OBGYN is that the backing on disposable products has an adhesive glue. This adhesive blocks any form of airflow and can cause some women to experience odor or develop yeast infections. No one wants that! After the first month and a half I was a convert. I was on the mama cloth bandwagon! Unfortunately my second month using them I had some leaking issues on my heaviest days even using the size Large pads. It seemed like it couldn’t absorb fast enough if there was a gush of blood. I had a leak at work and it was the second day at a new job (yeah I know who tries a new menstrual product out while at work). My sheets and some pajamas got ruined from overnight leaks but I will say the pads still washed wonderfully with no stains. I also did notice that depending on type and fit of underwear the pad would shift a little side to side. I had to wear very form fitting underwear to keep it from moving. I love that these pads have wings and they button easily into place. I didn’t love carrying a wet bag to the bathroom at work cause it definitely isn’t discreet but it isn’t a deal breaker for me. My biggest complaint on these pads is that darn brand label. At times it would really seem to rub the inside of my leg and kinda poke me. If maybe it got moved back a little. Oh and just FYI, I didn’t realize till recently how cute and small they fold up and the snaps work to keep them together. Much better way to have them on the go and keeping used ones from making a mess. In conclusion, I am still a fan and will continue using them on my lighter days and as pantyliners but not sold yet they can handle heavy flow days. Definitely a great alternative to disposable pads. 

If anyone is interested in purchasing Dahlia Mama Cloth, they can be found at: https://www.buttonsdiapers.com/dahlia/