Welcome to our Village!

by: Renee Yarrington

I've been sitting on the idea of a blog since this time last year. I've always enjoyed writing, it's very therapeutic and cathartic to work through life's little hiccups by writing them down. I've written a lot of guest pieces for cloth diaper sites (which will probably circulate through here in the future) as well as other mom sites, and I knew I wanted a space for blogging here as well. Our social media village was gaining traction and classes were growing. The business was booming. I had so many ideas and directions and I wanted to do ALL THE THINGS! My husband and business partner had to gently remind me it's always better to do one thing well than many things mediocrely. 

Also, I didn't know what direction I wanted it to take with a blog: do we just talk cloth tips and tricks, just talk birth, both? What about motherhood? Or the hard topics? The nitty, gritty topics that we don't even really want to share with our best friends but know need to share because they are more common than we realize and we need to break the stigma?

My vision for this blog is everything! I want the truth. About motherhood, infertility, loss, divorce, single motherhood, being a wife, a working woman, a stay at home mom, a sex goddess, and a person who has their own needs and wants and desires. I want the truth about products to buy, or not even bother with (and that includes wine, coffee and yoga pants). I wanted to tackle it all, but I've learned the hard way I cannot tackle it all alone if I want it to be done right and done well. I cannot tackle it alone unless I am content with spreading myself super thin and settling for mediocrity (spoiler alert: I don't settle). I need my village. I need to lean in, now more than ever before. Most importantly, I don't like starting things before I know and see the vision fully.

Of course, this vision came to me fully while I'm juggling virtually every ball a human being could juggle at once. I'm one week post-op from a tumor removal surgery (we can save that story for a different day) and two days pre-op from another tumor removal surgery. So why not start now?! Perfect timing, right? Well, if there is one thing I've learned there is NEVER a perfect time. To have a kid, change jobs, get married, or launch a blog. But what makes this so special? This blog will be written by our village. Every post, every topic, no holds barred. Just real. (Did you get MTV 00s flashbacks just then? "Find out what happens, when people stop being polite, and start getting real…"

Why? Because we deserve the truth. We deserve to speak our truth. We deserve a space to own our truth or anonymously release our truth into the universe. This is our village. 

For now, each week we will feature a guest blog from one of our villagers. It may be a birth story, a product review, a mamahood story. Hopefully, it resonates with you. If it does feel free to comment. If you'd like to join our village or guest blog for us, please contact us! 

Welcome to our blog:  "Mamaste Mamahood Village Review"

Renee Yarrington