Diaper Dekor Pail vs Planet Wise Hanging Wet Bag Review

By: Alyssa May

The bottom line (or top line, as it were) is that I like and will continue to use both of these products. In fact, I even use them together sometimes - I sometimes use the hanging wet bag as a liner for the Diaper Dekor we keep at daycare. It's easy to zip up and take home dirty dipes at the end of the day, then hang on a hook at home and put a few more dipes in before washing. So for me, this is not really a true head-to-head review, though if you read on for my pros and cons, you may find one of these products will suit your needs better than the other.

Diaper Dekor Pail (Classic)

A solid, inexpensive diaper pail, that I'm sure is stellar for disposables but I'd just rate as 'good' for cloth diapers. Since I am using it with cloth, I don't see the full benefits of the nifty, bottom-release 'continuous plastic bag' that allows you to never smell the poop. Instead, I use a Planet Wise large diaper pail liner or (as mentioned above) the Planet Wise large hanging wet bag, so I have to putz around with opening the top, which has a mildly annoying release mechanism, to put each bag in. The bottom opening is still handy for pulling the full bag out, though. 

I love that I only need one hand to throw a dirty diaper in this pail, however I do find the opening a tad small for cloth. I have the 'classic' version of the pail but apparently the 'plus' version does have a larger opening. I personally prefer my Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail because it's much easier to get my cloth bag in and out and is made with less plastic... but the Ubbi price tag is a decent bit higher. Overall the Dekor pail works, looks nice and sleek in any room, and keeps the stink confined! 

Planet Wise Hanging Wet Bag

Planet Wise Bag.jpg

Umm, how cute is this print?? This hanging wet bag works really well as both a mobile and stationary dirty diaper holder. My biggest beef with it is that while it's hanging up, I need both hands to get it unzipped and put a dirty diaper in. So I've taken to leaving it unzipped most of the time, which is probably gross, but having the open air flow actually decreases the bacteria growth so less stink!





And now, a snazzy comparison table... because who doesn't love excel?

And now, a snazzy comparison table... because who doesn't love excel?

And now, a snazzy comparison table... because who doesn't love excel?

Renee, from Diapers with Delmarva, here to say we couldn't agree with Alyssa more! What do you think? Are you more a Diaper Dekor or a Hanging WetBag kind of person? Not sure? Need to find out? We thought you might say that-

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