Labor Doula Services

Prenatal Visits

  • 1-2 in-home visits during your pregnancy

  • Visits ensure you feel informed about your options and confident in what to expect during birth

  • Discuss goals, fears, prepare you for your birth and postpartum period, and practice comfort measures

  • Discuss your priorities and your preferences and provide you with access to our partner (M)otherboard for developing your birth preferences plan for communication with your birth team

  • Any birth partner(s) who will be present at your birth are welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings

Telephone and Email Support

  • Encourage my clients to update me by phone and email after each prenatal visit with their provider between our in-person visits 

  • Remain on-call 24/7 beginning two weeks before your due date and two weeks after your due date

  • Anytime during our relationship, you may leave a voicemail or email and I will get back to you within 24 hours

  • Warm Line and speak to me directly between the hours of 7pm-8pm every evening.

Support During Your Birth

From the onset of confirmed active labor, I will be available to you to provide continuous non-clinical support from the time you request my presence till the time your baby is born. I will be available to meet you at the location of your choosing, whether at home, birth center, or hospital to begin providing comfort measures. Comfort measures may include:

  • Movement

  • Positioning

  • Massage and counter pressure 

  • Breathing

  • Verbal affirmations and encouragement

  • Emotional support

  • Maintaining a calming ambiance

  • And more


After birth, I usually remain with you for one to two hours, and assist you with:

  • Assisting with first latch, if breastfeeding

  • Skin to skin initiation

  • Providing information about postpartum 

  • Photography, if requested

  • Postpartum visit 1-2 weeks after delivery. Additional postpartum packages available.


Packages available:

Birth Doula Services Package $1200


Lactation Counseling

Renee is Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) who completed The Lactation Counselor Training Course through The Center For Breastfeeding the major focus of The Healthy Children Project, Inc. and passed their certification examination. A CLC is a health care professional that provides evidence-based information and non-judgmental support to breastfeeding women who are having difficulty with some aspect of breastfeeding. We provide prenatal counseling appointments as well as postpartum and we provide in home consultations so we can see how you and your baby breastfeed together and can provide recommendations for correcting or improving latch, positioning ,and provide information on supplementation and weaning.

Consider a one-on- one consultation if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Latching difficulties

  • Breast/nipple pain or injury

  • Low milk production

  • Baby weight gain difficulties

Every lactation counseling appointment includes regular follows ups via phone/text/e-mail to make sure that the plan put in place is working for you. If tweaks are needed, adjustments will be made. If an additional clinical or other evaluation is deemed necessary, you will be provided with referrals to appropriate medical experts.


Postpartum Doula Services

Fourth Trimester On-Call Support


  • Phone & Email Support for up to 1 year postpartum

  • Free New Parent Support Groups

  • Access to an online database of educational resources

  • 10% discount on any classes

  • 5% discount on any other PostPartum Support Packages

Fourth Trimester Support Packages Includes:

  • Complimentary Consultation

  • 1 Prenatal visit for postpartum planning

  • Phone & Email Support

  • Access to an online database of educational resources

Bulk Packages (Additional hours can be purchased in addition to package):

  • $500 for 20 hours to be used in first two weeks postpartum

  • $700 for 24 hours to be used in first two months postpartum

  • $1200 for 48 hours to be used in first two months postpartum

  • $1700 for 72 hours to be used in first three months postpartum

"Sick Mom" Day Off (with 24 hours notice)

  • For those days when you just need an extra hand, are sick or need a mental health day

  • $75 for 5 hours of service

Hourly Rate:

  • $25 per hour daytime hours 8a-8p

  • $35 per hour night hours 8p-8a


Classes and Support Groups

Cloth Diaper 101

A one-hour informational session to learn more about how to use cloth diapers and to learn more about diaper services. Learn about the different types of cloth diapers available today, and the pros and cons of each. Touch and try different types of diapers. Check out our calendar for event dates and times!

$40 per couple

New Parent Support Group

Every Second and Fourth Tuesday from 10-11am at Heathers Holistic Health in Dover DE

Free for all parents. Ideal for parents from pregnancy through age 1. Check out our calendar for event dates and times!

Childbirth Education

Learn the ins and outs of pregnancy and childbirth in and out of the hospital. Learn your options! Check out our calendar for upcoming event dates and times!

1 day 5 hour workshop


2 day 3 hours each

Private class $100

Group class $80 per couple (minimum 3 couples)

Labor Comfort Techniques

Focus on relaxation and breathing techniques, massage and counter pressure, vocalization and more for coping with labor. Check out our calendar for upcoming event dates and times!

Private class $100

Group class $80 per couple (minimum 3 couples)

Not your first rodeo?

Check out our calendar for upcoming event dates and times for drop in childbirth education group chats so you can get refreshers on just the topics you need like:

Induction methods, C-sections, natural childbirth, breastfeeding, epidurals and more!

10$ drop in rate per person